Sacred Soul Numerology

How to Figure Out Your Life Path #

Sample Date of Birth: November 22, 1984

1+1+2+2+1+9+8+4 = 28

2+8 = 10

1+0 = 1

Life Path = 1

Basic Characteristics of the Numbers

1 – The Individual:  Stands alone; out in front; the beginner, the creator, the initiator, the individual, original, progressive, leader and director, activity, willpower, initiative, courage, quick-acting and clever, pioneering and a rebel.

2 – Cooperation and Diplomacy:  Partnerships important, tactful, charming, receptive, gentle, emotional, sensitive, a liking for detail, order, balance and equality, sees both sides of a situation, patient, friendly, likes rhythm, music, and color.

3 – Expression and Words:  Communication and self-expression in art, literary work or the field of entertainment, imagination, inspiration, talent and charm, friendly, loving, popular, kind, clever, likes dancing, color, rhythm and things of beauty.

4 – Work and Discipline:  Practical, patient, determined, dependable, enduring, economical, organized, conservative, loyal, conscientious, punctual, hard-working, logical, analytical, accurate, detail oriented; devoted, trustworthy; not emotional.

5 – Freedom and Variety:  Freedom of thought, word and action, versatile, progressive, adaptable, adventurous, mentally curious, keen judge of human nature, enjoys social events, travel and companionship, clever, has the ability to handle others;

6 – Responsibility, Home and Service:  Full of love, concern, sympathy, understanding, wants to “mother” all, domestic, harmony, stability, firmness and justice, good listener, born advisor; idealistic, conscientious, poised, devoted, a healer, service oriented.

7 – The Analyst – Inner Wisdom:  Mental analyst, technical, scientific, research, introspective; interested in the facts, inner wisdom and guidance, spiritual, intuitive, full of faith and trust, likes silence and meditation, inner peace, refinement, desire for perfection.

8 – Material Success and Efficiency:  Power and success on the material plane, good judgment, executive ability, material freedom, authority, management, practicality, discrimination, self-reliance, control, dependability, suited in the world of business and finance.

9 – Human Understanding and Completion:  Love on a Universal scale; charitable, compassionate, selfless service; humanitarian, spiritual, emotional, romantic, magnetic, intuitive, cooperative, creative, artistic, flexible, broad outlook on life.

11 – Revelation and Inspiration:  Intuitive, psychic, spiritual, inspirational, full of fire and zeal; inventive, idealistic, a dreamer and a mystic, clairvoyant, electrical, high-strung, insight, capacity for leadership; likes things of beauty like music, poetry and art.

22 – The Master Builder:  Conceives the tremendous plan and achieves tremendous results, sees the inspired vision and puts it to practical use, power on all planes, understands human nature, manages, directs, uplifts, organization, skill, diplomacy, highly developed intuition.

33 – Spiritual Consciousness and Power:  Divine Love, tolerance, patience, understanding, spiritual service to mankind, selfless, devotion to nothing of the material world, inspirational, possess great psychic powers, only given to the oldest and most qualified souls.

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