Astrology Explained

Astrology is a great spiritual tool to help in understanding yourself and others! It is fun, yet very informative, in giving us information that can assist with our relationships and interactions with others, and with becoming more aware of ourselves and our soul purpose.

Astrology explores the effects of planets and other celestial bodies upon the earth and the human race. It is both a science and an art – a science because it takes careful and exact mathematical calculations to discover the movement of the planets, and an art because the astrologer uses their intuitive skills to interpret what the placements of the planets mean. The practice of astrology has been used for centuries all around the world and one could literally study it for a lifetime.

There are several branches of astrological study but one of the most widely used is called natal astrology which is the study of an individual’s birth chart based on the person’s date of birth, time of birth (if known) and location of birth. Natal astrology helps a person discover who he or she is and can help one to understand their purpose. It gives us insight into a person’s gifts, talents, challenges, karma, and so much more! When one learns about and understands themselves, it helps the individual to feel more joyous, content, fulfilled and empowered in life!

It is important to understand that the planets just provide certain energies and that these energies do not control us. The human race has free will and it is how we use these energies, the choices we make, that creates our life and dictates what events may or may not happen.

An astrologer can help to interpret the energies in a person’s natal chart and, therefore, assist an individual on their Life Path. They can also read the planetary energies as they effect a person’s chart in any given moment in order to advise them with situations or events before, during or after their occurrence. These consultations are considered confidential by ethical astrologers.