Soul Guidance Sessions

Sacred Soul Guidance Sessions are designed to empower the individual moving through challenging or difficult life circumstances, or at times when the person feels that they could benefit from extra spiritual support and direction. This can be especially helpful when the client is in a period of transformation, transition, or re-direction on their Life Path.

These empowering sessions are a combination of compassionate support, intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, and life coaching. Rev. Colleen Lemma uses your astrological blueprint and name vibration, which provides your own unique energy signature, along with her expertise as a spiritual counselor, to help guide you. With the assistance of your Spiritual Guides and Angels, she will help to guide you to the answers, healing and/or actions that are in your Soul’s Highest and Best Interest that will lead to your Greatest Evolution and Growth.

The Sacred Soul Guidance Sessions are a combination of either three or six sessions, with the first session being an hour in length, followed by the two or five consecutive sessions being A 1/2 hour in length. These sessions are done either by phone (in the United States) or skype (Worldwide) and scheduled at the convenience and availability of both you and Rev. Colleen Lemma.

Rev. Colleen Lemma graduated with a degree in Psychology and Human Services with a focus on Counseling and Substance Abuse in 1990. She was ordained as a non-denominational minister by Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. from the State of New York in 1996 and became a Certified Hypnotherapist from the Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy in 2001.

3 Sessions – $200.00
6 Sessions – $350.00

*Sessions in the 3 Session package must be used within 3 months. Sessions in the 6 Session package must be used within 6 months. When booking a 3 Session or 6 Session Soul Guidance package you will start by booking the first one hour session only.  After Rev. Colleen Lemma has connected with you for the first session, the two of you will discuss the dates and times of the subsequent 1/2 hour sessions according to both of your schedules.

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