HowTube! is a place where you can watch videos on “How To” do something, which includes anything! Most videos are short, although some may be longer, explaining the steps needed to create, do, or accomplish something.

This is a new and fun way to learn a variety of information in a short time. Having a HowTube page is open to individuals and companies alike… could create your own “HowTube” channel through the guided instructions on’s Home Page. You can like videos, comment on videos, and subscribe to someone’s personal “HowTube” channel as well!

Here is my HowTube page, focused on spiritual and metaphysical subject matter, which is who I am and what I do.

I will continue to add more videos over time as I am inspired to do so, for the learning, growth, and evolution of your soul! Check it out and see what you think! You can even e-mail me your requests for “How To” videos that you would like to see me create at:

All services are for entertainment purposes only.