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My “Gifts For You” tab is to assist you on your journey to wholeness. Included are my Angelic Astrology Articles, Soul Empowerment Articles, Weekly and Monthly YouTube Videos, Soul Reflections and Other Educational Videos, HowTube Videos, and information on Sacred Soul Astrology, Sacred Soul Numerology, and Sacred Soul Hypnotherapy.

You will be able to find these under the sub-menu bars entitled, as listed above, under the “Gifts for You” menu bar. You will also find links on the right hand side of every page, except the Home Page, to view the most recent postings to the site.

You will find my Face Book posts on my personal page, “Colleen Lemma” and my business page, “Sacred Soul Empowerment”, as well as posts on my Instagram page, “Colleen Lemma.” These will include astrological, educational, and empowering posts as well as my spiritual products that are for sale.

Have fun and enjoy your journey towards the healing, growth and evolution of your soul! 🙂

With Infinite Love and Gratitude!