Sacred Soul Hypnotherapy

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing tool used to create major positive life changes. Hypnotherapy works with the person’s subconscious, the part within us that holds memories from this life and other incarnations that we have experienced. These subconscious memories, even when not consciously remembered, create patterns and beliefs within a person that we then live our lives according to….these “false” patterns and beliefs are what we focus on in hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist acts as a “spiritual guide” for the client in moving through their own healing and transformation.

Hypnotherapy has many miraculous benefits. Some of the areas that hypnotherapy assists us is to:

  • Gain insight into present difficulties and past events the require healing
  • Discover the negative beliefs that shape present life decisions and actions
  • Create new beliefs that reflect the true inner self that helps us to gain access to our True Life Purpose
  • Increase creativity and clarity of thought and or Spiritual Gifts
  • Deepen intuition and inner peace and strengthen our connection to our Higher Self
  • Reduce day-to-day anxiety, tension, and stress while strengthening the immune system
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence and optimism about life
  • Acquire a greater perspective and larger vision of life purpose
  • Embrace life as an enriching opportunity to learn
  • Reduce physical illness and unlock inner potential, creating mind-body healing
  • Improve relationships, healing this life and past life relationship patterns
  • Heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Integrate mind, body, and spirit
  • Release old patterns and phobias and traumas from the current life and past lives
  • Remove physical imprints, negative memories, karmic blocks and attachments from past lives


Relationships and Karma

One of the more common reasons that people seek out hypnotherapy is to heal this life, and past life relationships with significant others, partners, family and friends.

The relationships that we experience with others can be some of the most rewarding times in our lives. However, they can also be one of the most challenging aspects in our lives as well. These connections with others are the most important aspect of our incarnations here on this planet….they assist with the growth and evolution of our souls.

Reasons for Incarnating Together:

  • Spiritual connection
  • Continuation of a previous lifetime together
  • Soul mate connection – romantic, family, teacher/student
  • Unfinished business that needs completion
  • Ease and comfort, familiarity
  • Codependence or merging of energies
  • Karmic lessons to be learned
  • Attitudes to be transformed
  • Karmic debt
  • Vows or Promises
  • Rebalancing of karma

Some souls may come together to work on karmic issues that have nothing to do with the other person in a personal sense…..they may not have even lived a previous lifetime together in any way……but they may share similar attitudes that need to be worked on or balanced out.

Beliefs or Attitudes Involving Love:

  • Love is all there is; You are all I need
  • Love has to be perfect; Love has to be easy
  • Love hurts; Love is hard; Love doesn’t last
  • I don’t need love; I’m alright by myself
  • There will never be enough love
  • I don’t deserve love; I’m not worthy of love
  • Sexual love is bad or sinful

Things to Learn in Relationships:

  • Ability to share, work together, support, encourage and inspire one another
  • Being aware of the other person’s needs in relationship and keep that healthy
  • Knowing when to appropriately challenge the other person when it isn’t healthy
  • Be open, truthful and honest in relationships; live with integrity in relationships
  • Be your true Self; do not change who you are to suit the other person

~ See Hypnotherapy Healing for more details.

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