E-mail Readings:

These readings are tailored for specific questions that you may have on your journey. The more specific the question, the more specific the guided information can be from your angels and guides. The allotted time includes tuning into your unique energy signature, receiving the information from Spirit, and the time it takes to type out the answer in e-mail format.

1 Question E-mail: 30 Minutes – $45.00
2 Question E-mail: 45 Minutes – $70.00
3 Question E-mail: 60 Minutes – $90.00

NEW!    1 Question Audio E-mail: 15 Minutes – $50.00

Note: This has been very popular! A lot more information can be spoken by me in 15 minutes than typed by me in an e-mail format. :-)

Excerpt From Client Testimonial: I’ve just received a 15 minute audio reading from Colleen and it was just amazing. I can’t tell you how great it is to have my own personal audio!!! I have watched Colleen’s ‘You Tube’ forecasts many times but to have my own personal audio is amazing!!! I would expect this service to be very popular as it feels so personal to receive and literally the next best thing to having a face to face reading…..And the best thing is it can be listened to again as long as you save the email…..Love and Best wishes from J. Xx

*** please make sure you are able to open audio files before purchasing this service.

~ See specific service page for more details.

Phone and Skype Readings:

These readings are more interactive and personal as you will be in direct connection, via phone or Skype, with Rev. Colleen Lemma. This allows the client to ask questions as they come up, within the time allotted for your reading. The energy exchange can be quite phenomenal! It is the next best thing to having a reading in person!

15 Minute Phone or Skype – $40.00
30 Minute Phone or Skype – $70.00
45 Minute Phone or Skype – $95.00
60 Minute Phone or Skype – $120.00

~ See specific service page for more details.

Sacred Soul Guidance Sessions:

These sessions are designed to empower the individual moving through challenging or difficult life circumstances, or at times when the person feels that they could benefit from extra spiritual support and direction. This can be especially helpful when the client is in a period of transformation, transition, or re-direction on their Life Path.

3 Sessions – $200.00
6 Sessions – $350.00
~ See specific service page for more details.

*Sessions in the 3 Session package must be used within 3 months. Sessions in the 6 Session package must be used within 6 months. When booking a 3 Session or 6 Session Soul Guidance package you will start by booking the first one hour session only.  After Rev. Colleen Lemma has connected with you for the first session, the two of you will discuss the dates and times of the subsequent 1/2 hour sessions according to both of your schedules.

Sacred Soul Healing Sessions:

The healings offered are tailored for the individual to affect deep changes physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. This is to assist in the transition to Higher Dimensional Energies and allow for the rebalancing of the cellular memory. Rev. Colleen Lemma works with the Healers of the Light, along with the Archangels and Ascended Masters to bring the changes that are in the best interest of the client at any given time.

30 Minute Long Distance Reiki – $45.00
60 Minutes Long Distance Reiki – $75.00

2-2 1/2 Hour Sacred Soul Hypnotherapy Healing Session – $220.00
2-3 Hour Sacred Soul Hypnotherapy Healing and Reading Combination – $280.00
~ See specific service page for more details.

Astrology is based on an individual’s date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. This is where the planets were in the sky at the time of one’s birth and describes the soul’s energies. It can be used for timing of events. Click here for more information.

Numerology is based on the energetic vibration of the numbers in your date of birth and the letters that make up your name. It gives us information about the soul and can be used for timing of events. Click here for more information.

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind of the individual to bring about beneficial changes in the form of healing mental and emotional blocks that may be holding the client back from true empowerment in life. Click here for more information.

Reiki is a form of “hands on” or remote energy healing where the practitioner becomes a channel for the Unconditional Love of God/Source/Universe. It can bring healing to the individual or a situation. Click here for more information.

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