Service Testimonials

I found Colleen on YouTube years ago, right in time for a lot of big changes for me starting around 2012.
It’s taken me a while to find the words to express how much Colleen’s heartfelt focus and natural healing abilities have helped me. Over these intensely trying years her support has been beyond the  ‘patriarchal business systems’. Her practice encompasses the divinely feminine approach of compassion and (w)holistic so(u)lutions It’s become increasingly more difficult for me to find supports in the expanding fields of life and business coaching without some kine of agenda. I found Rev. Colleen’s only ‘agenda’ to be using her skills and gifts to help further my unique, individual path.
People may think talk of “divine feminine’ to be some kind of woo-woo notion. But divinely feminine is all about the heart that’s called for in all of us during these changing times. Her expression calls out the divine masculine and brings balance to the chaos all around. Modeling this grace-filled ‘system’ is like the healing balm. Being the change we want to see is what’s up
Thank you so much Colleen. Know that your courage to show up has and is helping me to show up too! And many many more beautiful souls I’m sure! This is how we do it! One by one.
Thank you for all you BE.

Peace ❤❤

I worked with Colleen recently to work through some major life changes in her Soul Guidance sessions. What I loved about Colleen’s sessions were her positivity and
enthusiasm and joy for what is unfolding in my soul’s journey at this time. This is infectious and gave me the confirmation I needed.
Colleen is a blessing and celebrates the abundance available, which is a great gift in a healer. Colleen blends your personal astrology chart with current astrological alignments, along with card readings and soul guides with any personal messages. This combination gives you a wealth of information and just positive, uplifting energy to work with. I skipped away from my sessions feeling filled with confidence and joy about my soul’s path. Thank you so much Colleen for you and your work! Lots of Love,  Jo”
Jo Regan ~ UK

“Colleen Lemma, is an international reknowned Angelic Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant, who works with assorted different tools such as Crystals, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Angels and Archangels, etc. Last year, she was invited by Núcleo de Terapia Corporal to come to Brazil and give some workshops for groups and individual consultations for many people. She used her expertise to apply all her knowledge simultaneously and intuitively to give the clients the bulk of what they needed to know. She combined her education in psychology with her natural spiritual connection in a way that she offered her wisdom and insight to guide all the clients in the right direction. Colleen’s accuracy was quite affirming. I not only found my experience quite fruitful and inspiring for seeing her so tuned in and helping me, but I also witnessed the same reaction from so many clients while having their consultations, where I was doing the translation. It was very in-depth and the clients were blown away by her readings. She continues giving her consultations via Skype to clients in Brazil. My intention was to share with other Brazilians what I knew about Colleen Lemma. Her utmost integrity, innate psychic, intuitive skills in Divination would bring answers about the present, past and future situations for all. She left Brazil with many more clients and great outcome for being also recognized a competent professional in another country. Thank you, Colleen Lemma!”
Luíza Lima ~ Brazil

What an awesome reading!!!  Everything you have said is happening in my life. You are right on!!!
Thanks Colleen, I always enjoy listening to your readings. They bring hope, faith, destiny and understanding to this beautiful life we live.  I commend you on the beautiful gifts you bring to humanity.
Namaste ~ Karen

“HI! My name is Alicia Bruce. I met Colleen a few years back at our business open house in Okemos, MI. I am a local massage therapist, reflexologist, and energy facilitator. Colleen and I instantly clicked and I knew I needed to schedule a reading with her. It was not long after our first interaction that I scheduled an Astrology reading with her. It was very accurate and shed much light into the allignment of my soul self and my physical self and the paths that were presenting themselves to me. It allowed me affirmation and inspiration:) I have also recieved a reiki session with Colleen and what a powerful experience it was. Much releasing and balancing of energies. The service was of high vibration and quality and I feel it was very transformative:) Thank you for all that you do Colleen:) In our community and for our planet. Love and light to you dear one! You are truly gifted.”
Alicia ~ Haslett, MI

Dear Colleen, Hope my English is ok… 😉 As a light worker it was very important for me to seek and find likeminded people who could help me in my time of need. I feel so grateful that Colleen came into my life. I have had, and still have, wonderful readings with her. She is very clear, knows so much and with her beautiful heart she helped me through a very tough time in my life! I have always found truthful, balanced and loving answers. She truly is a shining light, a wonderful soul and a great light worker!
Love Colette ~ Belgium

“My Soul Healing sessions with Colleen have been so powerful and healing. She is an amazingly accurate and intuitive astrologer and healer. I have had many readings with Colleen and the information she gives is so clear, helpful and loving. I highly recommend Colleen!”
H.S. from New York, NY

“My time with Colleen for a Soul Healing was a complete package in my opinion.  She used a combination of tools that really set the stage for helping me have a better perspective on where I am at and where I am going along with clearing out some old energy that I was carrying to lighten my load.  I felt as if I made a connection to my higher self and, in the days that followed our visit, I have felt more free and on purpose with not only where I am but where I want to go in my life.  Colleen has been a great person to get another perspective based on the tools she uses.”
Carrie from Lansing, MI

“My astrological readings with Colleen have always been spot on. Her  knowledge and practical advice have been instrumental in my life. In the 15+ years I’ve consulted her, I dealt with the unexpected death of my father, I met and married my wonderful husband, I made countless parenting decisions, and I changed jobs to my dream career. She has never told me in black-and-white terms which choices to make, rather, she has presented each reading as a road map with several options. I’m so thankful for her spiritual insight and highly recommend her!”
Laura, Michigan

“With two pre-teens already, my husband and I had an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage in the span of three weeks, just after my 39th birthday. Colleen helped me make sense of a confusing, painful time in my life. She was able to provide an insightful reading into a greater spiritual purpose, as well as gentle healing throughout my grieving process. I cannot say enough good things about Colleen.”
a grateful Michigan mom

“My personal intuitive reading from Colleen was extremely healing and informative! I love how she integrates Astrology and her Intuitive abilities to target my specific questions and concerns. I was going through a rough several months physically, mentally and emotionally. I found her after exploring others options. Colleen’s answers really put the puzzle pieces together and a deeper healing process began. There is always a bigger picture to everything that happens in our lives. Colleen’s in depth knowledge of astrology really helped me to learn more about myself and how what I was going through was part of a much bigger picture. She made me feel so comfortable and I loved how well she could connect with me! Colleen answered all of my questions and provided answers to others I didn’t even know how to ask! It was a very spiritual and enlightening experience. I recommend Colleen to all of my closest friends! Many Thanks Colleen!”
Megan, East Lansing MI

“I had the great fortune to experience a very helpful reading from Colleen. She is talented, kind and sincere. It was a marvelous experience.”
Karen – Michigan

“Colleen Lemma is a gentle, kind, compassionate healer whose work is grounded wholeheartedly in service and in love. I have benefited greatly from Colleen’s gifts, including a Reiki treatment in 2011 for a major illness that began to improve soon thereafter. An illness that Western medicine had been previously unable to treat or to cure. For that and so much more, I am forever grateful.” 😉
Kintla ღ

“Colleen is very intuitive! My reading helped me understand what was going on in my life and how to handle it. It’s amazing to be able to see the bigger picture. I was able to understand some specifics in my life as well, like if the person I’m with is “the one”. How and why  I’ve been affected the way I have through life experiences and the people I associated with. Overall it has been beneficial to understand myself on a deeper level as well as my purpose here. Colleen is wonderful!”