Weekly Angel Card Reading for February 26th – March 4th, 2018

This week the highlight is a Full Moon at 11 degrees Virgo opposing spiritual Neptune in Pisces! With the combination of the Moon, our feelings, in analytical Virgo and the Sun, our identity, and Neptune, ruler of the spiritual realm, in elusive Pisces it could be a tug of war between logic and intuition. Mercury, ruler of the mind, and Venus, ruler of the heart, also come together in unconditionally loving Pisces, and connects with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, while making a positive connection to Jupiter, planet of expansion, in Scorpio. It should be a week of healing and empowering energies. The message from our angels and guides asks us to watch our thoughts as they may create challenges for us. Certain circumstances may be frustrating and disempowering so we are given the message that there is a better energy waiting for us if we empower ourselves and move forward towards a more positive situation. Have patience and be objective, and solutions will appear. Offer forgiveness to yourself and others so healing can take place. Blessings of Love and Light to All!